Our Mission

The best* lesson experiences in the world

*We define “BEST” as:

  • Personalized
  • Results-Driven
  • Available to All

Only by giving our best can we hope to spread knowledge and passion for the games we love to the next generation of global ballplayers.


Parents need a safe and straightforward process for finding, vetting, and connecting with professional instructors.

Coaches need a steady stream of new clients, along with an seamless way to manage and retain their old ones.

We've built SeamsUp to be the ultimate solution for both players and coaches looking to grow their games.


For coaches, we started by going radically against the heavy profit-sharing models of other companies that often left instructors holding the short-end of the financial stick in every lesson transaction.

Instead, we made all the tools coaches need to leverage their expertise while expanding their brands completely free.

We are committed to solving the challenges of well-known former or current pros and college coaches who have so much value to pass on to budding ballplayers but little time and no previous platform to connect them in a meaningful way with their fans.

And are equally committed to the local league coach looking to give back or the recently-finished-playing up and comer new to private instruction and all this personal branding stuff, but hungry to teach.

The best lesson experiences in the world entail measurable growth for both players and coaches, and this is what we are after—relentlessly.

Parents & Ballplayers

For parents and their ballplayers, we started with not asking for a $25 placement fee just to connect them with a local in-person coach.

But we didn’t stop there, of course.

Online lessons had gotten a bad wrap, as coaches were forced to hack together sub-par solutions using 3-5 different pieces of software to touch base, give feedback, and collect payment for a single hitting lesson.

Many parents doubted how effective remote baseball and softball lessons could even be.

So, aside from creating a single, simple solution to all types of in-person and remote training, we built SeamsUp’s online lessons specifically to take advantage of the newest scientific research around how people learn.

Insights from the literature on mobile, micro, and delayed learning, expert modeling, video analysis, and both the spacing and Zeigarnik effects are baked into our DNA.

SeamsUp Team

Mike Rogers

Co-Founder & CEO

Mike Rogers has spent a lifetime entrenched in baseball and softball as a player, a private instructor, a training facility owner, and the son of two college-level coaches. Previously, he headed marketing at Athpro360 and founded Applied Vision Softball.

He has also co-owned and operated a large indoor baseball and softball training facility with his family for over 14 years, giving him the opportunity to work with hundreds of private instructors--including former major leaguers, softball Olympians and pros, and innumerable college coaches of all divisions.

He’s helped many of these coaches with systems and frameworks to leverage their success in the game into successful businesses. During grad school, he became enamored with the science of learning and educational theory. Long after graduating, this passion has continued and found its expression in the vision of SeamsUp. 

Rose Rogers

Co-Founder & COO

Rose Rogers is also the Chief Human Resources Officer for Ducommun Incorporated. Through its global operations, Ducommun Incorporated (NYSE: DCO) provides engineering and manufacturing services to the aerospace, defense, industrial, energy, medical and other industries through a wide spectrum of electronic and structural applications.

She has more than 30 years of experience in human resources management, training & development, and leadership for industries such as technology, aerospace, pre-press & printing, and commerce. Besides co-owning On Deck Batting Cages and Training Facility along with her husband and son, Mike, she has been a collegiate softball pitching coach at multiple programs. For the last 15 years, she has also co-ran the USA Athletics travel softball organization—a non-profit that has placed over 180 student-athletes at top colleges around the country. 

Anton Anisimov

Co-Founder & CTO

Anton has been the founder and CEO of the software development company InVooDoo for the past 17 years. Throughout his career, Anton has passionately created more than fifty software products and applied "soon-to-take-over" technologies to develop innovative solutions ahead of industry adoption.

A product and technical visionary, Anton invents the future integration of online and offline sporting experiences. He contributes his five-plus years of work with Silicon Valley startups and corporations for the benefit of players and coaches.

At SeamsUp, Anton leads a Team of talented product design and development professionals who revolutionize the experience of remote interactions for America's national pastime.

Chase d'Arnaud

Chief Talent Acquisition Officer & Baseball Business Ops

Chase d'Arnaud is a 7-year veteran of Major League Baseball. He played for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Philadelphia Phillies, Atlanta Braves, Boston Red Sox, San Diego Padres, and San Francisco Giants. 

After his tenure in the big leagues, he returned to Pepperdine University to complete a degree in marketing. Chase is also the CEO of d'Arnaud Media Group, a video production company that's worked with numerous well-known companies and personalities in the baseball and softball industry and beyond. 

Aside from his extensive knowledge of the game, Chase is uniquely poised, as a successful online creator himself, to inform product and content decisions that speak to the large and emerging class of current and former ballplayers looking to expand their brands.

Brandon Gold

Senior Talent Acquisition Representative (STAR)

Brandon was drafted by the Colorado Rockies in 2016 and spent seven seasons in their organization as primarily a starting pitcher with a little relief pitching experience as well. He spent his final two seasons playing for their AAA affiliate in Albuquerque.

In college, he had made an impact at Georgia Tech, playing first base, third base, and was their Friday night starting pitcher during the 2014–2016 seasons.

Brandon was also member of Team Israel and he competed in the 2023 World Baseball Classic.

If you have any questions or thoughts on how we can better deliver on our mission, we'd love to hear from you.

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