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Baseball and Softball Lessons Available

Find Coach

Offline In-Person Lessons

We connect you to the best coaches in your local area. You choose the coach and price-point, then answer a series of quick questions so we can guarantee that it’s a perfect match.

We send your lesson request to the coach and if it's a good fit, they'll reach out directly to schedule your first in-person lesson.

Live Call

Online Live Call Lessons

Connect with coaches on a high quality video call that also provides features, like live snapshot sharing, which allows you to see mistakes in real-time.

And book your lessons in two clicks with our auto-scheduler. No more coordinating back and forth or worrying about time zones.

Video Editor

Online Analysis Lessons

Send footage from practice sessions or games, and your coach will use our best-in-class analysis tools to breakdown your technique and provide truly personal feedback.

Utilizing telestrated drawings, pro-player comparisons, voiceovered insights, or in-picture demonstrations from the coach themself.


Online Full Remote Lessons

In addition to what you get with Analysis Only lessons, your coach can also add drills chosen to be the most beneficial for your progress, example pictures and videos of pro players to illustrate and model specific points, and even assign homework for you to complete between lessons.

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Skeleton Tracking Screenshot

Skeleton Tracking


You and your coaches get free access to this cutting-edge technique analysis tool. Our AI works for hitters, pitchers, fielders, catchers, and base runners. And it's a game-changer for getting mobility assessments.

Focus 100% on your ballplayer's skeletal mechanics by blacking out their footage and any background distractions. And compare their posture and limb placement with a pro's in seconds.

No need for special cameras or attaching sensors. It works on any iPhone or iPad. Get unlimited insights into how your athlete moves anywhere, anytime.

Learn From The Best

Browse our vetted professionals and start upping your ballplayer's game today.

Why Online Lessons?

Unprecedented Access

Direct access to the best coaches – free from geographic limitations. Work with the coach of your dream college or that pro player you followed on TV.

Second Opinions

No pressure, no commitments, and no team politics to worry about when choosing or switching instructors. Get a second expert's opinion anytime.

Take Back Time

Avoid rushing around town for after-school lessons – on top of weekly practices and games. Film your ballplayer anywhere with elite feedback just a click away.


Free access to our best-in-class analysis suite and a personal library gives your player the tools needed to improve on their own while tracking progress over time.

Reference Anytime

When weekend games come around, do your ballplayer's learnings seem to go out the window? Online feedback is saved forever, so your player can review it before the big game.

Safe & Secure

Vetted coaches and securely processed payments. Cancel your lesson requests anytime. No risk. Rock-solid remote mentors. Real development.

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