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Features that grow your brand and reclaim your time

Monetize Your Following

Accept one-off or recurring package payments via credit or debit card. Create your own prices and lesson offerings. Total freedom to run your business your way.

Manage Your Clients

Everything you need in one place. Easily keep track of your clients' information including their bookings, payments and personal progress.

Easy Booking

No more back and forth scheduling or price discussions for live call lessons. You set availability and rates. Players choose their slots. We handle time zones and everything in-between.

Built-in Sales Process

All lesson updates, purchase details, and reminders for when to meet up are sent automatically to your clients–so you can focus on teaching the game.

Track Your Earnings

Keep track of your lesson revenue. See your total income and drill down by client and transaction. Get a bird’s-eye view of how your coaching business is doing.

Custom Branding

You and your coaching business are one-of-a-kind. A SeamsUp profile allows you to showcase the logo, coaching philosophy, content and specific brand colors that set you apart.





Just Stripe's card fees – 3%

  • Every tool a coach's business could ever need

  • Unlimited text chat with clients & leads

  • Personal SeamsUp profile web page

  • Skeleton Tracking powered by AI

  • 30GB Gallery storage

  • Export 5 Gallery videos per week

  • Upload and record videos in 30fps

  • Free online chat support

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Early bird

SeamsUp Pro

$29.99 / mo

Just Stripe's card fees – 3%

  • Everything from the free version

  • Send & analyze unlimited client videos thru Chat

  • Near-lifetime 1000GB Gallery storage

  • Export unlimited Gallery videos

  • Export up to 4K quality videos

  • Upload and record videos in 240fps

  • Unlimited customizable Gallery folders

  • No watermarks on exported videos

  • Advanced profile & competitor insights

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Types of lessons you can offer

Video Editor

Online Analysis Lessons

Clients send you footage from practice sessions or games. You use our best-in-class analysis tools to break down their technique and provide truly personal feedback.

This can include adding telestrated drawings, pro-player comparisons, voiceovered notations, or self-recorded video insights—even full technique demos—directly onto each client's returned footage.

See how much you can earn

and complete
I can earn about $242.50 in 50 minutes
Full Remote Lesson

Online Full Remote Lessons

In addition to everything your clients get with Analysis Only lessons, use our ready-made remote lesson builder to add drills chosen to be the most beneficial for their progress, example pictures and videos of pro players to illustrate and model specific points, and even assign homework for clients to complete between lessons.

See how much you can earn

and complete
I can earn about $242.50 in 50 minutes
Live Call

Online Live Call Lessons

Connect with clients on a high-quality video call that includes a lesson timer and our live snapshot sharing, which allows you to point out mistakes in real-time. And no more back and forth with parents negotiating their lesson day, time, or price.

Our automated system handles the client management (including sending pre-lesson reminders and matching your time zones), so you can focus on teaching the game.

See how much you can earn

My in-person lessons are priced at $ and I do per week, driving miles from my home, to pay $ in cage fees per lesson.
I can earn about $191.00 more per month by giving Live Calls from home.
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Offline In-Person Lessons

Get connected with vetted local clients on autopilot. Our request informs you of their age, experience level, availability, and distance from your main training location. That way, you can decide if they're a good fit for you.

If it's a match, we send you the player's and parent's name, phone number, and email address, so you can reach out and schedule your first pre-paid lesson together.

See how much you can save

If I instead hand out flyers to parents at local parks, I can expect less than 3 to call and set up a first lesson.
These new clients will take about 4 hours 15 minutes of my time before I even get paid.
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Skeleton Tracking Screenshot

Skeleton Tracking


Offer your clients and fans cutting-edge technique analysis. Our AI works for hitters, pitchers, fielders, catchers, and base runners. And it's a game-changer for giving mobility assessments.

Focus 100% on your ballplayers' skeletal mechanics by blacking out their footage and any background distractions. And compare their posture and limb placement with pro examples in seconds.

No need for special cameras or attaching sensors. It works on any iPhone or iPad. Get unlimited insights into how your athletes move anywhere, anytime with our free app.

Before SeamsUp

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Online Lessons

If you’ve dabbled in giving online, AKA remote, baseball or softball lessons, you’ve likely felt the massive time-sucker that is negotiating and scheduling Zoom, FaceTime, or Instagram Live chats with multiple parents.

Let alone the client management stress of keeping track of everyone's payments, personal details, progress, and the drills and skills that you have already introduced in previous sessions.

If not live-streaming lessons, the other remote coaching option did previously involve parents sharing their ballplayer’s footage.

You might advertise for this service on your website, but you, likely, negotiated how to do this footage analysis process via text, email, or through social media.

Then used a file-sharing software (DropBox, Google Drive, WeTransfer) to share the player’s footage – or, gasp, tried sending video files over email.

Then you likely used a swing or pitch analysis software to analyze the footage.

Then used another software to send the footage and your completed lesson package back, and then logged into a payment software (Venmo, CashApp, PayPal) to check on the lesson transaction.

This makes no sense. You should not need four different pieces of software to conduct a single hitting lesson.

In-Person Lessons

Your in-person lessons came mostly from word-of-mouth. But you also advertised on social media and, possibly, on one of many coach listing sites.

Word-of-mouth is powerful, but if you’re early in your coaching career or looking to make a living with instruction, it’s often not enough.

If you have a large social media following, this can help attract new clients. But, if you don’t, you may have felt like you’re not growing your brand or revenue fast enough to thrive.

And, even if you’ve earned fans on social, you might’ve discovered that monetizing is a whole other ballgame.

This left those other coach listing services. Like SeamsUp, they use their own large-scale marketing efforts and software to connect you with local clients.

But these sites often work on a subscription model. Meaning they charge you monthly or annual fees to list your in-person lessons.

They collect your hard-earned cash on auto-pilot, whether or not they connect you with viable, long-term clients. Some even have the gall to demand shared profits from you on multiple lessons, on top of charging their subscription fees.

This is just crazy. Saying that there needs to be another way is like saying not to wrap your fingers around the bat’s barrel when you go to bunt – it should be obvious.

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