Alex Sanabia

Alex Sanabia

  • MLB Player
  • Pitching
  • Mental Performance
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Coaching Philosophy

Focusing on being in the best position consistently. Attention to detail focusing on the fundamentals. Having a short arm path to be in a healthy power position along with proper direction and alignment. Building from the ground up having a great foundation. Simplifying the delivery as much as possible while staying powerful and efficient.


Currently play for Saraperos de Saltillo


Jul 2023 - Jun 2024

2006 32nd round draft pick Florida Marlins 2006 GCL Rookie Ball Marlins 2007 Short Season Marlins 2008 Low A Marlins 2009 High A Marlins 2010 Double A Marlins 2010-2013 MLB Marlins 2014 Arizona Diamondbacks Triple-A 2015 Anaheim Angels Triple-A 2015 Mexico Professional Winter League LMP 2016 Chicago Cubs Triple-A 2016-2019 Mexico Professional League LMB 2016,2017,2021,2023 Venezuela Professional Winter League LVBP 2021 New York Mets Triple-A 2022 Atlantic League 2022,2023 Puerto Rico Winter League LBPRC 2023 Team Puerto Rico Carribean Series 2024 Team Puerto Rico Carribean Series

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