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Coaching Philosophy

In order to improve in the game of baseball, players must fall in love with the tedious and repetitive process that it takes to change their movements and behaviors. Once those movements have been perfected, the challenge then becomes repeating them as effortless and efficient as possible. My name is Jay Pryor, I am a baseball instructor and infield specialist, helping players fall in love with the steps it takes to be an efficient infielder. I have a passion for the game and a goal to teach players the tools and skills they will need to create a concrete foundation, as well as sharpen their tools across all levels in baseball.


Atlanta Braves

MLB Infield Instructor

Dec 2021 - Oct 2023

I spent 2 years as the infield instructor for the Atlanta Braves where I oversaw the development of all infielders from Triple-A down to the Dominican League. Traveling to each level, making sure I could help player and coach where im needed.

Pryor Development

Infield Specialist

Aug 2019 - Jun 2024

San Diego Stars


Jan 2016 - Jan 2022

Youth travel ball coach for the San Diego Stars


Masters Degree - University of the Rockies

Oct 2016 - Jun 2018

Graduated with my Masters degree in Organizational Development and Leadership

Bachelor Degree - Arizona State University

Aug 2011 - Apr 2015

Graduated with a Bachelor degree in Social and Behavioral Science and a Minor in Communication

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